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Outnumbered: A lone man stands in front of a group of riot police. It soon turned into a full-scale pitched battle, spilling out along Tottenham High Road. Others were posing in front of burnt-out cars for photos and some were even getting snaps showing off their loot. Female prison officer, 40, who 'cut a hole in her uniform trousers to have sex' with gangster Curtis 'Cocky' Metropolitan Police Commander Adrian Hanstock said: 'There has been some speculation on social media sites and we are actively posting accurate information to correct this. The customer is NOT always right!

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Defiance: A masked man holds his arms in the air during the middle of Saturday's riot.

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London riots: 'Looter' posts photo of himself and his booty on Facebook

Mobile phone and jewellery shops were damaged and plundered amid the violence, and at least one Twitter image showed a young man wheeling a trolley full of looted goods. I can't look after him as a wife or a nurse': British newlywed on board coronavirus cruise I'm a celebrity spouse - get me out of here! BlackBerry handsets, owned by more than a third of British teenagers, allow users to send one-to-many messages to their network of contacts, connected by BlackBerry Messenger PIN codes.

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