Knee high sock fetish

knee high sock fetish
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For some reason, it becomes 10x sexier when you see the behind the scenes video and realize it's actually grade A or higher Zettai Ryouiki. Tropes Are Flexible : This trope not only covers socks but thigh-high boots as well. It is especially popular with XP-tan and Firefox-ko. Elis' casual wear comes to mind. Alicia is at the very least Grade S, what with her twin tails and initial Tsundere attitude much more so in the anime adaptation. Mystina from Valkyrie Profile.

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Kinley. Age: 22.
knee high sock fetish

The Lollipop Girl doll line has loads of this.

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Ada. Age: 23.
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Zettai Ryouiki

Mystina from Valkyrie Profile. Steel Angel Kurumi 's titiular character wears Grade A. Zevran from Dragon Age Origins , as shown off quite vividly by the ending seconds of the cutscene in which he's introduced. The female main character of Persona 3 Portable personalizes her maid outfit with lacy black thigh highs.

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