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Once the doctor has given the OK to begin, find a weight-training instructor who understands the special needs of adolescents. Injuries are more likely to occur when youths compete to see who can lift the most and when they lift inappropriately heavy loads, which can strain developing bones and muscles. Conditioning exercises should be part of an active lifestyle that includes plenty of other physical activity. Resistance shouldn't be increased too soon or by too much. Although children can begin weight training earlier, they don't usually build muscle until they hit puberty and hormones make it possible to increase muscle mass. Training typically should include using weights for second intervals, followed by breaks. Teens should train for the right reasons.

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Parents should be alert if their teens are using weights to achieve a "superhero's body," says Dr.

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Teen Nutrition for Fall Sports

Bulking up is only appropriate for young adults who have passed through puberty. Teens should feel comfortable with the weight-training program and look forward to it. Training should be noncompetitive and fun. Early lessons should focus primarily on safety and technique, using easily managed resistance.

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