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Do you want to know the most important, easiest, most practical, best kept secret that will turn you instantly into a multi orgasmic woman, able to orgasm at any time, in any place, with any partner? You might not even know what exactly it is you want, or why you are feeling like this, or why you experience pleasure one moment, and pain the next moment. If people are different, women are different on a whole different scale, and sometimes they change throughout the month, the day, or even the minute.

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Studies have shown that two brain regions which become active during orgasm are also active during painful sensations. Child birth is often described as one of the worst sensations anyone can experience and has long been held as a benchmark against which pain thresholds can be measured. For many mothers, the experience can be gruelling, prolonged and arduous.

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There were extreme highs, and there were extreme lows. There was extreme pain, and extreme pleasure. These ten days were life-changing … I connected with a beautiful group of amazing people from all walks of life, I experienced the power of Kundalini energy running through my body … I enjoyed ecstatic moments of orgasmic bliss, coupled with the release of deep pain I had been harbouring for years.

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The clitoris is recognized as an easy and effective path to orgasm. The G-spot can be another powerful pleasure point. But the cervix? That area doesn't commonly enter into conversations about orgasm.

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When thinking about the idea of enjoying childbirth, there is nothing more intriguing… and hexing than the idea of an orgasmic birth. We are the children of Eve and have been brought up on that story. How could childbirth ever be physically pleasurable?

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Skip to search form Skip to main content. Neurology of ecstatic religious and similar experiences: Ecstatic, orgasmic, and musicogenic seizures. Stendhal syndrome and autoscopic phenomena.

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When Elena Skoko gave birth to her daughter three years ago, she felt pain. But she also felt something else: waves of pleasure so ecstatic they compared to an orgasm. Though childbirth is frequently spoken of in terms of pain and punishment, some women do experience what are known as orgasmic or ecstatic births.

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Sunny leone - ecstatic orgasm. Duration: 05ms. Views: 0k. Tags: Pussy Tits Hot.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Shameless Woman. There is this study making the rounds - it's popping up on blogs all over the internet.

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Does Tantra help to achieve a full body orgasm? Can both men and women enjoy multiple orgasms? Does tantric lovemaking last longer?


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