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But as we, particularly white folks like myself, are asking why this is happening, we cannot ignore what Black folks already know, that racism, including racism in health care, is contributing to the deaths of Black women. Take tennis star Serena Williams for example. Black women are also more likely to have chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension that make pregnancy more dangerous. In the more than stories of African-American women collected by NPR and ProPublica, the feeling of being dismissed, devalued, and disrespected by health care providers was a constant theme. Knowing her body and her history of developing blood clots in her lungs she told her health care providers that she was having trouble breathing. Serena Williams was eventually able to insist that her providers give her the care she needed, which saved her life.

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Take tennis star Serena Williams for example.

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For example, although the Affordable Care Act has made important gains in helping to reduce uninsurance rates of women of color, including Black women, disparities still remain. For example, research has shown that implicit racial bias may cause doctors to spend less time with Black patients , and that Black people receive less effective care. For example, Shalon Irving , an epidemiologist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and a Black woman, died three weeks after giving birth from complications of high blood pressure.

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