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She had no actual information to pull from, other than William's insistence that I'd slept with half the office, including Beau and the HR investigator. Four days later, they sent one of their investigators to get my story. It was from Beau, a coworker. This was a private photo I'd taken for a specific person while in a committed and trusting relationship. In the end, the judge ruled against William's claim that he'd been wrongfully terminated.

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Audrey. Age: 20.
nude pics of my ex

When I finished, he said he hoped I'd "learned [my] lesson to not send nudies.

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Adalyn. Age: 30.
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Within two days, the entire company had either seen my naked photos or heard about them. Even though I knew this was the sort of thing William would consider a betrayal, I told the investigator everything. There was nothing HR could do about William.

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