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accidental facesitting
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In Lockout Snow and Emilie fall from a ceiling vent and she ends up face-down in his face-up crotch. In the anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist , Edward tackles the thief Psiren in an attempt to subdue her. Subverted in FLCL where it looks like Naota and Ninamori are about to have a collision kiss, but instead their foreheads collide violently with each other. Hagimura seems pleased that they might've had sex. She falls on top of Ash, ending up in a very awkward position, and she's grateful nobody else is there to see it.

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The second was when the puppy Fenrir jumps on Taro and knocks him down, causing him to fall face down on top of Mariel again.

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Facesitting/Accidental facesit/ass on face scenes in anime

She enlists his help in climbing down from her window to sneak out of the house to be with her actual boyfriend. Once Morei recovers from the fall, she realizes she's fallen in top of Shouta, her crotch is right in his face, and she wet herself during the fall. Happens twice in Little Busters! Unfortunately for Tanukichi, this sets off something terrifying within Anna, who quickly becomes obsessed with the poor guy.

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