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Semen contains numerous substances that influence its smell, and your individual diet, hygiene, and sex life all play a part. Certain foods can give it a sweet scent and taste! But eating or drinking acidic substances can make your semen smell foul.

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S perm are the cheetahs of the microscopic world: Made of little more than molecular muscle and batteries, tipped with a payload of genetic information, they are optimized for speed. In a study published last weekresearchers identified two odor molecules present in the fluids near the egg and in the vagina in general. They then dabbed them one by one on lab-grown cells engineered to carry the receptors.

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Skip navigation! But if you notice that your vagina smells different after sexespecially if it's a "fishy" scent, that might indicate an infection like bacterial vaginosis BV or trichomoniasis trichsays Alyssa Dweck, MDa gynecologist who practices in New York. Dweck explains.

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While semen is undeniably part of sextalking about sperm is something we tend to shy away from - let's face it, it's not the sexiest subject in the world. How long can sperm live? What affects a man's sperm count?

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Sperm can have many different smells, from bleachy to fishy, which is determined by many different factors, including health, diet, and lifestyle choices. There are changes you can make to help your sperm smell better or less strong. A man releases millions of sperm cells each time he ejaculates.

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Before we begin, let's get this out of the way: Your vagina is supposed to have a smelldespite what rude sexual partners or all those companies that make weird crotch perfumes may have told you in the past. In fact, healthy vaginas emit a full Sephora's worth of different scents throughout the month, with stronger and more subtle variations of your unique smell appearing during different parts of your menstrual cycle. Some people naturally emit stronger vaginal odorswhile others don't.

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Plus, the vagina cleans itselfso no! That said, there are certain things that can change your vagina's odor. The vagina is healthy in this acidic state and can keep the less favorable bacteria, which can lead to bad odors, in check, she says. So how do you know if your smell is normal or not?

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Ever get that not-so-clean feeling? But is that really even have a problem? Not sure why things are smelling less than pleasant? Here are the most common causes of vaginal odor—and what you can do to stave off the stench.


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