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Genophobia, also known as coitophobia, is the fear of sexual intercourse. People with this fear may be afraid of all sex acts, or only of intercourse itself. Genophobia specifically describes the fear of the sex act, while erotophobia more generally defines any fear that is related to sexuality.

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Anxiety in the bedroom can hold you back from sexual bliss. Try these expert-backed strategies to overcome worries about your body, your partner, and more. Having lots of sex isn't just fun—it also has health benefits like soothing stressboosting immunityand maybe even extending your lifespan.

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I have been trying to persuade my wife to have intercourse but she is too scared. Stimulation has never been the problem. She allows me to masturbate her.

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I'm 22, a virgin and have had only two relationships due to my complete frigidity. I've always been highly uncomfortable with physical contact of any kind. Hand-holding, caressing and kissing bore and intimidate me and sex just scares me.

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I'm not normal. Why can't I just be like my friends? I don't think I'll ever be able to have anything inside me, ever.

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Erotophobia is a generalized term that encompasses a wide range of specific fears. It's generally understood to include any phobia that is related to sex. Erotophobia is often complex, and many sufferers have more than one specific fear.

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Show less A sexual encounter is loaded with potential for positive and negative results. Inexperience, lack of knowledge, or a history of sexually related difficulties may be escalating your fear of engaging in sexual activity. Women and men share certain fears, but have unique issues to address as well.

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For some people, even thinking about it can cause these feelings. A person might also have general fear or anxiety about being emotionally close with another person. This can then translate into a fear of sexual intimacy.

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By Michael Arangua. Sometimes it seems as though sex runs our society. It's a great way to sell your product, it motivates many people to succeed, and it's on the minds of most people, men and women alike.


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