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Throughout the ages and throughout the world, women have moved, swayed, squatted, and danced through their labor. In the Middle Eastern culture I come from, that movement is belly dance. It is a sensual dance that helps the birthing mother move in a way that opens her body - and her emotions - to the enormous change about to occur.

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So, when belly dancer Sadie Marquardt performed the exotic dance on stage, she truly captivated her audience. An accomplished belly dancer, she has plenty of workout DVDs and workshops. It felt a bit terrifying to watch her swirl around and quickly move her abdomen to the rhythm of the dance yet incredible that she could easily do that given the weight of her baby!

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Sadie Marquardt is one of the most watched belly dancers on YouTube with 30 million hits on just one video alone. According to Birth Adventure, belly dance has a long but largely undocumented history as a birth dance, a pregnancy dance and a rite of passage. Women would gather around the laboring mother to dance, encouraging the mother to imitate their movements.

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Pregnancy and early motherhood in the United States are subject to a dominant cultural discourse that position them as central to normative femininity — a cultural rite of passage Letherby Within this guise, women face a host of gendered expectations regarding selfless devotion to impending motherhood. The pregnant and postpartum body becomes a subject of distinct patriarchal critique, with a range of activities and behaviors related to diet, exercise, and appearance deemed necessary for healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery Bailey For example, women may be expected to suspend certain normative practices related to their non-motherhood identities e.

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Gemma Marin30, is a Spanish actress and dancer based in Los Angeles. Having danced since she could walk, she didn't even consider taking to the sidelines when she got pregnant with her first child, who's due April Can you even?!

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In Western medicine movements such as hip circles and undulations are all recommend by physiotherapists to help alleviate the pain during labor, which is probably why so many dancers worry whether it is safe for them to continue dancing once pregnant. So do have a chat with your GP or Midwife first so you can continue with peace of mind. Thousands of women have danced through their pregnancies.

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If you want to be a contributor, please sign up here. This Stock Photo, whose title is "A young lady dancing belly dance with sexy The author of this item is kontacky No.

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Young women learn belly dance under Molly Mao's instruction at iPi Studio. Belly dancing is a trendy way for young women to shape up, and an increasing number of Shanghai studios teach them how to shimmy, undulate and gyrate their way to fitness. Nie has been belly dancing for almost two years, since she had a baby and put on a lot of weight that she wanted to shed.

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There are many things I wish I had done while pregnant, and belly dancing just about tops the list. Starshine Burlesque' s Little Brooklyn sent us a video of her own pregnant belly dancing performance, and I took it upon myself to find a few more. Since they may not be the best things to watch at work, the videos are after the cut!

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Top definition. True belly dance is far older than any modern dance including ballet and requires far more skill, artistry, and coordination than any so-called "industrial" or "gothic" dance neither of which are formally recognized as authentic by any established institution. Belly dance has no relation to "strip tease" or "pole dancing;" its roots and heritage may extend as far back as the time of the Pharoahs, and as such it is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. True students of belly dance do NOT do it for the " titillation " of men, and as such they almost never perform at bachelor parties or strip clubs.


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