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Identity: Fragments, Frankness is a rich and powerful essay on the notion of identity and on how it operates in our contemporary world. In contrast to the various attempts to cling to established identities or to associate identity with dubious agendas, Nancy shows that an identity is always open to alterity and its transformations. Against cynical initiatives that seek to instrumentalize the question of identity in an attempt to manipulate sentiment against immigration, Nancy problematizes anew the notions of identity, nation, and national identity.

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Via an analysis of the effect of layering in several paintings from the early s, I argue that, in this layering, signification via the presence of text becomes just another category of object to be called forth, or rather, another mode of relation to the world which the painting investigates in its meta-reflection on relationality as meaning. Other artists may be more centrally interested in text, but Cy Twombly paints the process, the practice, the feeling of writing by hand. Inthis narrative goes, Cy Twombly was a young army conscript working in cryptology when he produced a series of drawings, made in the dark after lights out, which already incorporated letters into their scribbled forms Pincus-Witten n.

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In this age of addiction and excessive consumption where massive modes of pleasure are readily available, have we completely fucked ourselves into oblivion? Do we give a fuck about fucking anymore? And now that we have come to the point of post-structuralism, post-modernism, post-privacy and post-truth, have we also arrived at the era of post-pleasure?

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Watching The Staircase in can feel odd, because audiences have become so habituated to true-crime stories doing work. The Staircase arguably helped spawn all these shows, but what characterizes it now, 14 years after the release of its first eight episodes, is a distinct feeling of passivity. He simply watches, and captures what he sees.

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Such as…. BEN: So, this mystery has everything. It has daddies.

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La jouissance. ISBN: When we fuckhave we lost something?

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The need for, yet denial of, repetition constitutes a paradox that seems set to confound romantic love for ever more. For Freud, the patterns of adult love-relationships can be linked explicitly to early psychosexual developments in terms of both gender identity and identification and power. He writes:.

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The two were stabbed multiple times. Enoch Zarceno, 25, has been charged […]. Shaderick Jones, 42, has been charged with first-degree rape, ….

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There is no outside, and this is how it is outside, how it puts me outside myself: this is the experience of pleasure. There is perhaps no better definition of jouissance and relation than the intimacy of infinity and the infinity of intimacy. Intimacy is the superlative of interiority interior intimo meo: perhaps the whole history of sex in the West has to do with this Augustinian god who is so intimate with [oneself].


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