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Having been praised by Les Inrocks famous French magazineinsulted by Nolleau, made a star by Perez Hilton, welcomed in Belgium by having cans of beer thrown at him and gracing the cover of the Guardian in the UK, he is admired just as much as he is hated. So of course, when we see him moulding play dough whilst wearing multi coloured clothes, it seems more natural to make fun of him than to take him seriously. He experienced a lot at a very young age, he tragically lost his mother, came to terms with his sexuality and started sporting his own extravagant look.

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As a gen-xer born in the 70s, there were certain parenting techniques that were employed. I just find it super odd that my mother acts like it never happened and I better not DARE lay a hand on her two grandchildren. Not the response I had expected.

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Slavery is awesome, it made America the great nation it is todayAnd arent the blacks happy that they dont have to starve like the blacks in africa? And rap music! I'm so excited!!

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Spanking has been a controversial topic for decades and now is one of the biggest topics discussed when it comes to ethical parenting. One of the biggest majorities of people who still believe in corporal punishment in the US is southerners and of those are Christians. Many Christian parents even believe you are going against the bible thus God and the teachings if you do not spank your child.

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One of the victims featured in the Surviving R Kelly documentary has broken her silence on her nine-year relationship with the fallen singer. Gardner, who revealed she has two tattoos of R. Kelly had eyes her on at all times, and believes he continued to watch her after she left him.

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I've been in the personal computer and software industry for over 25 years, as a software engineer and a manager of software engineers since In I joined Microsoft and spent the next 18 years in a wide variety of groups working on a wide variety of software. I've shipped a lot of software and managed a lot of engineers.

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Morning, Sports Racers! I like how you combine two obsolete pieces of technology. Tom Fitton, the president of the judicial watch, a conservative legal group, said that the records appeared to be incomplete. White House aides previously confirmed that Abramoff attended holiday parties at the White House, as well as some staff-level meetings.


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