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And it was all very real, down to the last sweat drop. What contributes to the unreal atmosphere of Howling II is the fact that most scenes were filmed in Prague and parts of Czechoslovakia yes, even most of the scenes that were set in Los Angeles. I knew my life would never be complete unless I got to see whether or not the movie was, indeed, an extended Goosebumps episode like its YA novel title suggested. In fact, both Sybill Danning and Christopher Lee were watched by a strange man that sat in a corner of the restaurant they ate dinner at every night. But, it was actually just a poetic way of dealing with a gigantic production setback. Sometimes not knowing anything about these mysterious crappy horror flicks added to their gritty mystique. Turns out the werewolf costumes arrived on set two weeks later than they should have.

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They assumed that it was the genuine spirit of the Czech people coming through in their work once again.

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The Howling II is Even More Ridiculous Than You Remember

This was something that Christopher Lee was not happy about at all. Since the studio wanted to keep it, they came to a compromise and trimmed it down to the clip repeating only a mere seventeen times instead of infinitely throughout the whole end credits. But thanks to his extensive B-movie credit, Lee was a pro at making a little bit go a long way.

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