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The Indominus Rex had broken out of containment and all attempts to stop it had failed. Gray did not care for riding a triceratops but was fascinated with dinosaurs as a whole, meanwhile Zach somehow seemed bored at the concept of living, brea. The two seem to naturally belong together,. She was hungry, they lost the mission rations and she was desperate to get something into her stomach. No, I'm never doing digestion!

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Owen Grady, the ACU, InGen and the velociraptors had tried to kill it and now the raptors were running rampant in the forest.

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She is not digested because I don't do that. Ahsoka to be in Rebels, and the two rebel chicks Hera and Sebene to be in a vorish situation. Warning: this story contains belly stuffing and vore Sabine had just arrived from a mission and was resting in her room thinking about what new paintings she shall do. The gentle giants attraction was a series of small and young herbivores, big enough to ride, small enough to do no harm to anyone.

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