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As shocking and unusual as the story itself is, I was more taken aback by his willingness to be open about it, knowing full well there had to be major repercussions. We did want to inject some humour as there are moments that are certainly funny, and we knew that the best way to make an audience receptive to what could be a very difficult story to hear would be to break up the intensity of the story with moments of levity. Kareem Tabsch: I was in San Francisco and picked up the alt-weekly. How did you manage to tell the story respectfully? It was over time and many swims that their relationship blossomed. That was enough to derail anything else I had planned for the day as I read the piece and took to the internet to hunt Malcolm down.

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Alani. Age: 20.
guy fucks a dolphin

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Anya. Age: 30.
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The man who had sex with a dolphin

At the same time, the premise of the story man has sex with dolphin was making the rounds online and people were responding with a knee-jerk reaction without knowing the full story. Rather, it seemed to be Dolly who was smitten. Subscribe to the Dazed newsletter. The internet generally gets a bad rep as a place where anonymous people say the most atrocious things.

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