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More importantly, they sprinkled in a lot of chapter stops so it's easy to bounce forward and back to The Good Stuff. Special features: the ubiquitous photo gallery, which is not bad. Final verdict: Ultimately it comes down to this: you have to really like Merilyn Sakova and want to see her getting herself off, because it's two hours of nothing else. Scene 8: Indoors on a bed with a bright red dildo. Fingers, green dildo vibe, then out on the lawn on a towel with same. There's not a lot of variation except locations and props and whatever she's wearing. It's also well made and put together.

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Lydia. Age: 30.
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Scene 7: Indoors on a sofa, with fingers and a realistic dildo.

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Madisyn. Age: 29.
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Busty Merilyn Sakova Movie Part 2 porn videos

In an age of silicone and tattoos and multiple piercings and freaky, ghetto looks taking over porn, this is a nice throwback. Her outfits vary—sometimes she's naked, sometimes she's wearing stockings and a garter, but no fetish clothing. Scene 6: Outdoors on a patio sofa with fingers and a blue corrigated dildo. Production values: the video is standard def—a little soft on the computer but looks fine on my tv.

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