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That was when my mind began to wander. Jasmine said the doctor at the first plastic surgery clinic in Florida was shocked by her request and declined. It had went viral overnight. Jasmine, who is currently single, has only once wore the prosthetic in bed with one partner, and her exes were never over-keen on the third boob. Then he would expand the tissue once a week.

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Jasmine said said "a small handful" of clinics replied to her plea but only two clinics agreed to give her a consultation.

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The Legendary Three-Breasted Woman Finally Confirms Her Boobs Are Real (Video)

Now a YouTube star with thousands of followers, Jasmine says she is sick of spending hours having her third boob attached by a special effects artist - and wants the real thing. So the idea of a show about a three-breasted woman unfolded in my imagination. It is a privilege to be an entertainer and I will gladly accept both the advantages and disadvantages.

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