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The vibrator under her chastity belt started buzzing again. We would spend the day in restaurants and bars, walking in parks, enjoying eachothers company. She could push the button to forfeit the tease session, but that would lock her belt in pure chastity mode for a year and restart her timer at 6 months. After you have completed it without breaking any rules, well add a dildo or give you bigger heels to wear. On the day of her 6th month in chastity, I released her for a whole 24 hours.

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Madelynn. Age: 28.
edging captions tumblr

A year without orgasm is a pretty big step for a rookie like yourself.

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Aisha. Age: 28.
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Since they knew who this one was going to, they would be able to withhold the key from her…turning her into the workshops chastity bitch. Millie was starting to realise this too. And her pussy was dripping through her panties with anticipation!

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