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metroid prime kraid
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In his resurrected Super Metroid appearance, he gains the ability to spew out rock-like projectiles from his mouth. There are also spikes located on his back that are shot out and diverge towards the front, similar to boomerangs, in an arching trajectory. He also extends platforms from his body which carry Zebesian Pirates , revealing Kraid as a sentient, mobile fortress. The creature's weak point is unknown. He can also shoot the three spikes in his belly; it's said he often fires them at his prey. Kraid was really just some ideas and a first pass model.

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Because of the small platform and low ceiling, Samus has limited space to manage his attacks.

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Why the @*&% wasn't kraid in the game?

This concept, in which Kraid features over two dozen belly ports launching a different type of weapon, may have represented a phase following the destruction of his helmet. He plays the same role as he did in Melee. When Kraid's health is further reduced, he will begin shooting spikes from all three belly holes, crumbling the final remnants of the stone pillar. If missiles or energy are running low, try shooting the claws as they sometimes leave bonuses behind.

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