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Wait for her to start squirming around, and then kill that fucking clit like it's a spider in the bathtub. As I was writing that thing that I just wrote about people who may not have ever had their mouth on a vagina, I had to stop and think about what sort of creature would fall into the "no thanks, no vagina for me" category. If you're doing some crazy nonsense down there and hear something like "come here, I wanna kiss you," that means you fucked up. I don't give a wild crap if it comes. There's nothing wrong with needing practice, and there's nothing wrong with asking someone what they like. Like say you're stoned and all you can think about is Doritos. This is actually kind of an easy formula, but don't make it TOO formulaic.

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Don't try to persist, and don't go right back to "win.

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Perhaps you didn't know that. When I saw my first ever naked vagina, aside from my own, I thought that I was going to freak out. Getting uptight about making a girl come is shooing away the pussy sheep that you want to bring TO you. Much with anything else in life though, enthusiasm doesn't always equal skill.

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