Flintstone full episodes

flintstone full episodes
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Their plans are foiled when Barney must report to his company's nurse who, after Fred fixes Barney's condition to make it look like he has a degree fever, is alarmed enough to send him to the hospital. The bachelor party winds up being televised for Peek-A-Boo Camera. Notes : The Cartwrights, from Bonanza , are caricatured here as the "Cartrocks". Safestone of Safestone Supermarkets which is the parody of Safeway Supermarkets. On a fishing trip, Fred and Barney are swallowed by a whale named Adobe Dick.

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Quiting his 13 year Quarry job because he's offered a new Job at lower pay, Fred becomes a school bus driver for the route between Bedrock and Red Rock.

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The Flintstones Season 1

However, Fred's real problems begin when Wilma and Betty audition for roles in the film and end up going crazy upon meeting movie stars Rock Pile and Wednesday Tuesday. The Flintstones and the Rubbles travel to a small town out west. Later, at the ball, he mistakes his boss for another guest.

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