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The melody is something he wrote for you in the early days of your relationship. Originally posted by yoongishadow. Literal bags of flour covering every inch of the desk where you do the accounts. As your exit time comes near, you decide to simply observe as much of this wonderful art as you can. Laughing loudly, you wrap your arms around his waist and kiss him, before stepping into the snow at your feet.

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Sierra. Age: 23.
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Your bed feels empty without the warm form of your boyfriend next to you.

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Elena. Age: 20.
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Still not looking away from the camera, he starts guiding your head up and down at his desired speed. It feels cold and more lonely than ever before as the Christmas lights twinkle through your window, taunting you. You moan around his dick, and the vibrations cause him to jerk his hips up, so he hits the back of your throat.

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