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The pressure of always remaining calm even when dealing with the most horrible crimes will get to him and drive up his Crime Coefficient. The Sibyl System didn't actually judge itself - it was lying to Akane the whole time. All the brains undergo some level of mental conditioning. The Sybil System judges people merely based on emotional stability and belief in one's actions. It's Urobutcher we're talking about after all. Crime coefficent is said to be contagious.

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London. Age: 21.
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This is based mostly on his talk with Akane in Episode 2 about being able to work as a real detective and the fact that this is the sort of character Urobutcher is likely to write.

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Vera. Age: 32.
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Spending time in close proximity of latent criminals can turn you into one. It's Urobutcher we're talking about after all. Kagari survived but will be hunted as a fugitive. Morning Rescue is made from Hyper-Oats.

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