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The team combed the genomes of more thanpeople in the United States and the United Kingdom to see how genetic variants at millions of different places in the genome correlate with whether participants had ever had sex with someone of the same sex. The researchers found five genetic variants—changes at a single site in the DNA sequence—that correlated with same-sex sexual behavior: two of these had a significant effect only in males, and one only in females. The other four significant variants on chromosomes 4, 7, 12, and 15 showed similar, or even smaller, effects.

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DNA is Australia's best-selling magazine for gay men. Every month, you'll find great feature stories, celebrity profiles, pop culture reviews and sensational photography of some of the world's sexiest male models in our fashion stories. Further future issues and back issues can be purchased within the app.

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If you would like to receive every new cover of Dna Magazine by email as it is released in the UK, please insert email below. We will not send you any other emails and you can stop them at any time. Buy a single copy of DNA or a subscription of your desired length, delivered worldwide.

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By Tina Hesman Saey. October 20, at am. In a large study of more thanmen and women in the United States, United Kingdom and Sweden, researchers discovered four genetic variants that occur more often in people who indicated on questionnaires that they had had same-sex sexual partners. The other two influence sex partner choice for both men and women.

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A new study suggests many genes, each with small effects, may play a role in same-sex sexual behavior. People who have had same-sex partners are more likely to have one or more of certain DNA markers, according to the largest ever search for genes linked to sexual orientation. Even all the markers taken together, however, cannot predict whether a person is gay, bisexual, or straight.

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If you want to keep on top of all the latest hot topics and news from the gay scene, DNA is the magazine for you. With tons to read inside each issue, this is the perfect antidote to unwind with after a long week. Enjoy pages and pages of photographs of the sexiest male celebrities and models.

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DNA is an Australian monthly magazine targeted at the gay male audience. The magazine is available at most newsagencies in Australia, as well as larger book stores. Launched in Australia inthe magazine is now available in many countries, including Canada, the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom and several other countries in Europe.

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That amounts to an evolutionary paradox: gay men have fewer children, so one would expect that the trait would disappear over time. Now a team of researchers has carried out the largest-ever genetic study of sexual orientation and found evidence consistent with one possible explanation. Details of the unpublished study have been described in a public research plan, in two scientific abstracts, and by researchers at a scientific meeting held in June at the Broad Institute, a genome research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The hunt for sexual orientation genes—which wades into the polarizing question of whether people are born gay or become so—is part of a boom in genomics research that aims to unveil how genes shape behavior, not just diseases.

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Inresearchers discovered a stretch of DNA on the X chromosome they believed to be linked to male homosexuality. A new study published in Science, thought to be the most comprehensive on the topic, adds important information to that back-and-forth. The researchers examined genotyping data and self-reported sexual histories from almostmostly white people of both sexes who were either participating in genetic research projects, like the U.

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But geneticists have had only a handful of underpowered studies to address a complex, fraught, and often stigmatized area of human behavior. Now, the largest-ever study of the genetics of sexual orientation has revealed four genetic variants strongly associated with what the researchers call nonheterosexual behavior. Some geneticists are hailing the findings as a cautious but significant step in understanding the role of genes in sexuality. Others question the wisdom of asking the question in the first place.


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