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In the early s, when I was a middle schooler in Florida, I was subjected to a trauma that was meant to erase my existence as a newly out bisexual. For over two years, I sat on a couch and endured emotionally painful sessions with a counselor. I was told that my faith community rejected my sexuality; that I was the abomination we had heard about in Sunday school; that I was the only gay person in the world; that it was inevitable I would get H.

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Throughout history, the ways women have been tortured at the hands of the men who tried to control them will send a shiver down your spine. Women have been tortured to repress their sexuality, silence their tongues, and conform to standards of beauty. Most of all, women have been tortured to break their spirit and to keep them submissive to the men who feared what a liberated woman might mean for their fragile worldviews.

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A wooden horseSpanish donkey or cavaletto squarciapalleis a torture deviceof which there exist two variations; both inflict pain by using the subject's own weight by keeping the legs open, tied with ropes from above, while lowering down the subject. The first variation of the wooden horse is a triangular device with one end of the triangle pointing upward, mounted on a saw-horse like support. The victim is made to straddle the triangular "horse.

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In the middle ages torture was used to extract information, force confessions, punish suspects, frighten opponents, and satisfy personal hatred. Historically, ancient Greeks and Romans used torture for interrogation. Until the second century AD, torture was used only on slaves.

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Warning: This post is NOT for the squeamish! You've been warned. The Heretic's Fork was a special torture device reserved for those who spoke out against the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

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They say that there is a very low percentage of people today who manage to remain faitful to their partner throughout their marriage or a relationship. One has to take genetics and some polygamous nature into account, some social pressure, some usual human yearning for the forbidden fruit, and what also needs to be taken into account is the fact that opportunity makes a thief. And there are plenty of opportunities today - from the possibility of finding a partner for the adventure through various internet social networks through discreet business offices' corners where people frequently stay overtime, all the way to various bars and night clubs, of course, along with the inevitable business trips.

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The Middle Ages were not a nice period to live in by our cushy modern standards. Most people were poor, they suffered from disease, and their freedom was owned by wealthy landowners. And if you committed a crime and could not afford to pay a fine, your hand might have been chopped off or your tongue and lips cut out.

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Women have been victims of subjugation and control by men since time immemorial. Reading through history, you will most likely chance upon ghastly cases where females have been tortured to death. In most cases, tortures were inflicted on women for reasons like witch craft, murder, blasphemy and also for suppression of sexuality.

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Torture devices are one of the most notorious methods employed by witch-huntersusually to obtain confessions but, in most of the cases, even lead to death. Because the Devil was not going to "confess", it was necessary to gain a confession from the human involved. To do so, witches were captured, usually following more or less founded accusations, and tortured into confessing.


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