Long tongue kiss

long tongue kiss
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If they're not, return to light touches and pecking. Anne, a year-old French woman, thinks it has more to do with the French word for "tongue. Or a cute boy you agree to meet with in a movie theater? Switch up your movements: Slip just a little bit of tongue in their mouth, then try a lot-a-bit. This is crucial, as you don't want to miss their mouth and wind up thrusting your tongue in their nostril or eyeball.

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Sophie. Age: 28.
long tongue kiss

This is best done slowly, so you don't knock foreheads or noses, and cause an injury.

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Alaya. Age: 24.
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How to French Kiss Like a French Woman

I always like it when a guy kisses me open mouth and lets ME set the pace—an exploratory French kiss. You can prepare for this however you want, but general best practice is to start with something nice, like a gentle shoulder touch and some light pecks. So it's generally best to kiss a consenting and willing human partner on their mouth. Before you slip your tongue into your partner's mouth, you should slowly, gently part your lips so they know what to expect.

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