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retro girdle pictures
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This is a closer look at "The Torry Coo", so called because of its low sonorous sound, which could be heard in the village of Torry. It is located between Blackdog and Bridge of Don near Aberdeen. Thankfully it is kept in good order. This is the foghorn for the Girdleness Lighthouse in Aberdeen but sadly the foghorn is no longer in use. Thank you everybody, for your support!! Thought I would try a the lighthouse.

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It is similar to alpenglow as they both are caused by backscattering of reddened sunligh.

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If you are lucky, you can have. The lower light was contained in a glazed gallery only a third of the way up the tower. I love being in this girdle: it's firm, yet although only a size 12, not quite as tight as my Playtex one. This Hoverlady herself seems to be after the pollen of Dwarf Morning Glory.

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