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If the buyer wants to see more, have multiple social media accounts that you can direct them to that has more pictures similar to your samples. This will help to build your following, and they'll likely purchase from you in the future. Do you have super long toes and the ability to pick things up with them? For example, you may choose not to show your face or share nudes. When you are first starting out, you are trying to make a name for yourself, you are not trying to sell. Sometimes they'll reactive it, sometimes you'll have to make a new one. Only give out your Kik and Snapchat once you know that someone is interested in buying.

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You should also charge extra for any extras the buyer requests.

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If you choose to do videos, up the price a little bit. Keep your text, hashtags, and pictures all PG. You should also have a picture editing app, a payment app, Imgur, and an email just for selling. Aug 14, - 6 minute read.

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