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Place a Pilates ring between thighs. Bend the knees slightly and lean forward at the hips. It's time to stop hiding your thighs in baggy pants and long skirts. Take a medium step to one side with your lead leg, then follow it with a little step by your trailing leg, feeling the resistance that the band provides on each step to the side. Avoid letting them rotate as you move side to side.

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fat sexy thighs

Continue alternating between sprinting and the exercises in order.

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Eyes on the Thighs: 5 Moves for Sexy Stems

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart and a resistance band looped slightly above your kneecaps. Keeping chest lifted, glutes engaged, and weight equally over both feet, press knees out 1 inch, then back to start position. Lateral Walks with Band at Knees A.

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