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Coach : [incapacitated and being attacked by the Tank] Can't y'all see this thing's beatin' the shit outta me?! Mutations are modifications on Left 4 Dead 2 ' s game modes, which have been offered every week after "The Passing"'s release; these game modes alter the conditions of play. Then, we start the Midnight Riders' finale. Nick : [when the group encounters Hazmat Infected] Are those guys fireproof? Yeah, he didn't drop far mind you, just onto the tracks; but the carnival people wouldn't stop the ride, 'cause all the other people paid good money, and Keith snuck on for free, so he had to dodge for like 20 minutes or so They decide to head for the local mall, where a second CEDA evacuation point is located. At this time Valve added the "Realism Versus" mutation to the game as a permanent game mode.

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Well, it's normally a lot nicer when we don't have the zombies.

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Single-player , multiplayer. Valve people do not imagine for a minute that a journalist may have cross half the globe for something else than playing the game fifteen days before the others. Let's follow it to the mall.

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