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The debate regarding human pheromones has been going on for decades but thanks to modern science the evidence strongly points to pheromones influencing human behavior. Numerous studies have shown significant increase in sexual attractiveness when high concentration pheromones are used. Men and women can now take advantage of synthesized pheromones to increase their sex appeal, boost confidence and get more dates.

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Miranda Leevald, otherwise known as Stacy X, had the mutant ability to exude pheromones, which she could control to stimulate bodily sensations and functions, such as causing orgasms or vomiting. Her mutation also had a physical manifestation: at the age of sixteen Stacy's skin was replaced by patterned, snake-like scales. At one point her skin was shown shedding, much like a real snake's.

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When Amanda Charchian was travelling during the Spring of with two artist friends, she found herself confronting new themes of femininity and sensuality by taking a series of nude photographs. The images she took toyed with adrenaline, challenged post-feminist ideologies and would send the subject to a foreign place — and now, four years later, her new book is a celebration of those images. Lisa Walden: A documentation of modern femininity, what was it that made you start this project?

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I don't find sacredness is secrecy where depravation and shame is involved. I am interested in photographing the part of a person that cannot be expressed solely with speech or a look from the eye. One's nude body cannot convey a character it does not actually, for lack of a better word, 'embody.

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How can you harness the power of your pessimism? Could crystals heal your life? Pheromones are mysterious, unscented love-chemicals that send signals about your moods, your sexual orientation, and your genetic makeup.

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In a room full of strangers, who are you drawn to? I enjoy rueful laughter, and thus, in any given setting, will gravitate toward a man who looks like Jeff Goldblum or a woman with a throaty Sambuca rasp. Sincethough, when scientists discovered human pheromones — chemical compounds that social animals like pigs, goldfish and moths excrete, thus whipping into a lathered frenzy those in their environs — some people have maintained that human attraction is largely olfactory.

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Androstadienone, a component of male sweat, has been suggested to function as a human pheromone, an airborne chemical signal causing specific responses in conspecifics. In earlier studies androstadienone has been reported to increase attraction, affect subjects' mood, cortisol levels and activate brain areas linked to social cognition, among other effects. However, the existing psychological evidence is still relatively scarce, especially regarding androstadienone's effects on male behaviour.

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Kissing and pheromones have gone hand in hand for centuries. In fact, some findings show that kissing may have originally been an extension of smell. You want to get close to them and breath in their scent.

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A leading blog on the science of sex, love, and relationships, written by social psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller. I mean, after all, the multi-billion dollar perfume, cologne, and deodorant industries are founded on the premise that smelling good is one of the keys to finding—and keeping—a relationship partner.

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Another pheromone vendor that tries to make unrealistic claims just to make a buck. I originally claimed that the doctor may have been a persona, or just made up to give the product credibility. But Read More. I should have known better, but being new, and unexposed to how many quality products were available, I fell a victim to the scam called Nexus pheromones.


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