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Hormones can also influence penis size. Female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans. What accounts for this seemingly self-defeating variation in size? Brown specializes in FTM and MTF genital reconstructive surgery, but he also works with men who just want bigger appendages. And at a certain point in either direction, as witnessed by the year-old virgin, human genitalia can get out of hand. Curtis Brown tells me over the phone.

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There's a lot of different things that can go wrong.

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Is this the foot-long preserved penis of Rasputin?

Dear Coleen offers up the same explanation to the chaste year-old who thinks he's cursed with an abnormally huge dick. In , an unnamed UK man somewhat infamously recounted his struggle growing up with a micro-penis to New York magazine. His two-inch genitalia, he said, was not only superficially "embarrassing," but prevented him from engaging in various standard sex acts and even masturbation.

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