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You strain and push as hard as you can, inching the massive egg out little by little. They all know, for you are that strange woman who lives on the edge of town, with no family and no man and no true guidance to keep you whole and human. You see the bulge of the egg move into place, and you scream as you feel it inch toward your hole. You shift your legs apart, and you tell him the egg feels too large to come out. That the fire in your loins is only the rawness of the new ring, and not some new vileness having made you foul and wrong, to lust so after pain and desire. Winter is hard that year- and still you must make your rounds, ferrying herbs here and there, retrieving coin where it is set, eggs and milk, and leaving the packages of medicinal plants and scented soap in their place.

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Samara. Age: 22.
fit anal tumblr

Bread you can comfort it with, sturdy vegetables and apples saved in the cold cellar down below- but you cannot deny your cravings, when your mysterious caretakers deliver death unto your doorstep, raw and unbled.

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Adalyn. Age: 23.
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You feel the heads of his cocks poke your back and realize how turned on he is. A sudden hard contraction hits you, and you feel a rush of wetness run down your legs. Do not listen, your mother told you, once.

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