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Because this is their culture — this is social media culture, which includes the normalization of the nonconsensual sharing of nudes. This reminded me of a story I heard at a high school out west, where a boy who told on some other boys who were passing around revenge-porn photos on their phones was then ostracized and bullied. Upskirt photos are also a common theme in porn. His photos reportedly drew dozens of obscene comments from some of the nearly 30, followers of the Marines United page, whose membership was limited to male marines, navy corpsmen and British Royal Marines stationed around the world. And it was taken down almost immediately by Facebook, after a request from the Marine Corps — unusually quick for Facebook, which has been known to take weeks or months to remove inappropriate pages and porn from its site. Social media Sexual harassment US military Gender comment.

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The female marines who were exposed on Marines United will have to deal with the repercussions of this exposure long after the page is gone.

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The marines' 'slut pages' are no surprise to your average high school student

There was Amanda Todd; Hope Witsell; Tovona Holton; Destiny Gleason, 14, who hanged herself after a naked photo that was only said to be of her body was shared online. We need to start seeing the nonconsensual sharing of nudes for what it is: a form of sexual violence. The defense department is investigating. And the middle school boy who conceived of the upskirt photos?

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