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The s gave birth to the teen films, validating the angst, freedom and lives of a younger generation on the cusp of adulthood. Click here - to use the wp menu builder Click here - to use the wp menu builder. Where Are They Now?

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The movie, named for a fictional "American Idol"-like competition show, charts the rags to maybe-riches story of Violet, played by Fanning, a stifled teenager living in a dilapidated farmhouse on the Isle of Wight with her Polish immigrant single mother. When she's not spending time in the field with her beloved horse or being bored at school, Violet waitresses in a local pub. Fanning gave us a hint of her singing talents as a punk rock alien in " How to Talk to Girls at Parties ," but she impressively belts it out here.

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Sign in. Alan Ruck draws connections between his breakout role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and his recent work on the Emmy-nominated " Succession. Watch now.

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For this edition, I participated in an interview about the movie, as did other people close to the production. So I relented, thinking perhaps that it would make for a sweet if unconventional mother-daughter bonding moment. At one point in the film, the bad-boy character, John Bender, ducks under the table where my character, Claire, is sitting, to hide from a teacher.

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Nowadays, such films are rarely made and do not enjoy the same level of success. News in an exclusive interview this week. In the moment, we're in the phase of Marvel.

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This week marks the 25th anniversary of Pretty In Pinkthe poignant tale of a very poor, very brave girl Molly Ringwald and a wealthy, sensitive boy Andrew McCarthy struggling to make their romance work in spite of clashing backgrounds. The movie, released inis now considered a modern classic: Pretty In Pink airs on cable on what seems like a never-ending loop; it is homaged and spoofed on culturally-relevant shows like Family Guy and Gossip Girl ; it remains one of the top-selling romance DVD's of all time; and people still dress up as Duckie Ringwald's wacky, lovelorn best friend, played with unforgettable panache by Jon Cryerfor Halloween. Undoubtedly, much of the film's iconic status is owed to its lively and deeply touching script by John Hughes, its stylish direction by first-time filmmaker Howard Deutch, and its passionate performances from Ringwald, McCarthy, Cryer, James Spader and Annie Potts.

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A large frog sits on a lily pad in the small stone pond in the backyard of one of the Beautiful Gardens contest winners. But as summer approaches, the lead author of those guidelines advised parents not to overlook a benefit of media usage. Visual media can help kick-start tricky conversations with teenagers.

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Tall Girl offers a girl-centric flipside to the decades of films about nebbishy young men who feel insecure in their bodies. Jodi is tall and ungainly in a world where women are expected to be tiny and dainty. Carpenter gives an eccentric comedic performance that feels like it belongs in an entirely different film, but at least keeps things lively.

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It's possible that no other genre of film hits home for people the way teen movies do. Whether you were the prom queen or the band geek, the valedictorian or the juvenile delinquentyou spent your high school years experiencing all the same highs and lows that make these movies—like those moments—unforgettable, for better or worse. There's a sense of nostalgia for these films, even if they don't mirror our particular adolescent experience.

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For many, the very idea of what an essential teen film is begins and ends with the sextet of Illinois-set films that Hughes released throughout the s. During one Psychology of Storytelling event, I asked Lindsay Doran about this oft-debated final scene, since she was the production executive on the film. She and Duckie cruise rich neighborhoods and dream about what their lives might look like in them.


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