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That is to say, he doesn't. Whether he's jacking himself off, you're jacking him off, you're screwing, or giving him a blow job, he's got to unload somewhere, so pay attention. But he'll do it anyway for the thrill of taking it to the limit. And if I jack you off now you're just going to get cum all over them. He probably sweats a lot too. You can never truly know a person until you know how they react under pressure.

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Kimber. Age: 30.
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Point Break is his favorite movie.

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Deborah. Age: 27.
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Where Your Dude Likes to Cum and What it Says About Him

He probably sweats a lot too. Where your dude likes to cum can tell you a lot about the kind of person he is. I once took a guy home with the intention of having my first ever one-night stand, but when we got into bed I realized I couldn't go through with it. This is the signature move of the kind of dude who has watched way too much porn.

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