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Smart, feeling the tug of belief and social connections, managed to rebuild his faith through subsequent high school years and his first year of college at USU. A few months later, she revealed to her kids her own sexual orientation. Royals FC hires former Chicago assistant as new head coach. If not for a lost wallet, Adam Smart might still be on his mission. The issue then became: Can you stay on a mission without a temple recommend? The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc. The mission president called Smart to say he was sorry, that he now had approval to give the missionary a recommend without requiring him to abandon his perspective on LGBTQ issues.

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That turned the whole conversation, he recalls, and several later apologized to him and even asked his advice on how to be more sensitive.

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I can lean on that until I can get my testimony stronger. Case of the lost wallet may offer clues. As for the young man, he is working in Kanab this month but plans to return to USU in January and to continue in the faith.

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