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Three NCOs who led the mutiny were sentenced to death but the sentence was not carried out and they were eventually allowed to rejoin units. Salerno , Calabria and Taranto , Italy. In addition, the invasion left the Allies in a position of supplying food and supplies to conquered territory, a burden which would otherwise have fallen on Germany. Over 1, tons of bombs were dropped during the daylight hours. On 15 September both the 16th Panzer and 29th Panzergrenadier Divisions went on the defensive, marking the end to the thrust towards Paestum. On 16 September, von Vietinghoff reported to Kesselring that the Allied air and naval superiority were decisive and that he had not the power to neutralize it. Eventually the corps commander, Lieutenant-General Richard McCreery , persuaded about half of the men to follow their orders.

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Kesselring's agreement reached von Vietinghoff early on 17 September.

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In view of the enemy reinforcements approaching from the north he also ordered a battalion-sized mixed arms group to reinforce the Rangers the next day. Views Read Edit View history. Further information: Allied invasion of Italy order of battle. Kesselring's agreement reached von Vietinghoff early on 17 September.

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