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We psychoanalysts are used to speaking words, reading words, and hearing words that describe the horrific treatment of women all over the world. Presented here are a number of visual images that can help us to reflect further on this difficult topic. Most of these images will be difficult to look at and I have chosen to not minimize their impact by interspersing them with more neutral images.

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Gender inequality in sports?! I showed my father, who's been a SW fan since '77, and he was so impressed! Great job!

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By Barbara Hoffman. Altman, a gynecologist and associate professor at Harvard Medical School, likes to relate the tale of two patients. One was 49 years old, weighed pounds and regaled Altman with tales of her new partner and their exploits -in bed, in the car, in the movie theater.

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I regret hating myself and developing an eating disorder. Another form of iron in the diet? Like him there was no other.

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But when I arrived at the museum, a tour of the third floor was about to start so I hopped on board. Docent Janice Lieberman explained that the third floor exhibit, curated by Stuart Comer, Chief Curator of Media and Performance Art at the Museum of Modern Art, was meant to show transitions, the blurring of boundaries, changing concepts of internal and external, of gender and sexuality, of political and geographical economy and environment, and the interplay of images and text embodied in art. I dutifully took a photo top left but to be honest, was not blown away by these. Disconcerting and meant to be.

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