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Whether you're dealing with the occasional pimple or a constant onslaught of zits, you can be sure of one thing: The wrong foundation can make your breakouts look a hundred times worse. Sure, you can slather on the first full-coverage foundation you can find in hopes of minimizing the redness, bumps, and dark marks although, IMO, I say let your natural skin shine free in all of its beautiful gloryor you can use one of these 15 tried-and-true foundations for acne-prone skin. Each of these zit-approved foundations are formulated to cover breakouts, neutralize redness, absorb excess oil, and even treat your existing breakouts.

Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. When you have acne-prone skinfinding the right foundation is hard — and when you finally do, you never want to let it go.

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Psst … whether or not high-end foundations are worth the premium is totally up to your personal preference — and depends on the ingredients in each product. Head on over to CosDNA. Alternatively, you can check makeup resources like MakeupAlley or websites that sell the product, such as Ulta or Sephora.

I spend a lot of time figuring out which makeup products will work best for my combination skin. Not only do I tend to have a super-shiny T-zone by lunchtime, but I also get unexpected breakouts on a semi-regular basis. Fortunately, it's OK to cover zits with makeup as long as you're treating the skin first and using the right formulas non-comedogenic and oil-free among them. To help others who want coverage for acne-prone skin, we asked a few dermatologists for the foundations that they recommend to their patients.

Finding the right makeup is hard enough, the last thing we need is to put on stuff that would aggravate our skin. When that happens, it perpetuates a horrid cycle of getting acne, trying to cover it with makeup, getting MORE breakouts from using the wrong products, finding ANOTHER product to correct the problem… and before we know it, everything goes to shit and the world is ending. We want to break this cycle and get it right, from skincare to makeup.

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The problem is, if you choose the wrong foundation, you could end up exacerbating your skin issues rather than resolving them. Luckily, there are foundations out there that are ideal for use on problem skin and which will help your face to look smooth and flawless when you go out. Here we look at some of the options you should consider when looking for the best makeup for acne prone skin.

Posted by covering makeup Feb 7, Product reviews. If you have severe acne, you need to watch what you put on your face, especially your foundation make up as it can cause it to flare up, So it is important to go for a non comedogenic foundation. There are several reasons this occurs, but the most common reason is the fact that some foundations block the pores of the skin.

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The wrong foundation can only serve to worsen acne. In an ideal world, foundation would work with your skin to combat the oils that trigger acne, as well as building up to easily mask problem areas. During our testing, we put each product to the test on acne-prone skin, testing each formula across several days where we were either on the verge of a breakout or already in full-swing. Using new products is notoriously risky on acne-prone skin, which can be easily triggered.

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In this post, we'll be discussing non comedogenic foundations. That is, foundations that are made without some of the chemicals and compounds known to cause acne. First, we'll quickly discuss some of our favorite non comedogenic foundations.

As a Best of Beauty Award winneryou can expect this velvety soft powder to whip your T-zone into shape. You can either sweep on the velvety-soft powder with a fluffy brush for light coverage or dab it on with a damp Beautyblender for a full-coverage finish. No matter how much you put on, the Mattifying Powder Foundation won't feel too chalky or too heavy on skin.


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