Play thumb piano

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What are they? Usually, thumb piano refers to either the mbira or its more modernised variant, the kalimba. Who uses them?

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On every 8 note instrument you will notice numbers To tune you will need the following:. If your thumb piano is out of tune and you would rather us tune it for you, send in your thumb piano with a prepaid return label.

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It has many local names but it is uniquely an African instrument, with origins tracing to the ancient sub Saharan cultures. Mbira consists of a row of metal strips, used as key, attached to an open-ended wooden gourd or hollow resonator. The shorter the key, the higher the sound, and the longer the key, the lower it will be.

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It consists of a wooden board often fitted with a resonator with attached staggered metal tinesplayed by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs at minimumthe right forefinger most mbiraand sometimes the left forefinger. Musicologists classify it as a lamellaphonepart of the plucked idiophone family of musical instruments. In Eastern and Southern Africa, there are many kinds of mbira, often accompanied by the hoshoa percussion instrument. It is often an important instrument played at religious ceremonies, weddings, and other social gatherings.

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Starting the Journey. Continue Reading. Fundamentals of the Kalimba.

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Originating in Africa, the thumbdrum has made its way throughout the world. Known also as a sansa, kalimba, and thumb piano, it is being used in ritualistic music and in recording studios world wide. Closely related to the mbira, another traditional African instrument, it is played by plucking the tines, or keys, with thumbs or fingers.

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I saw one of these somewhere a while back and always thought it would be fun to play with. A quick Google came up with several including the one in this picture. I'm no kind of musician and I've never built a musical instrument before but this looks simple enough.

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Are you looking for a birthday gift for your teenager nephew who happens to be a music lover or at least you think he would be? Or maybe you are a musical instrument shop owner who is looking to sell some small trendy gadgets together with the traditional ones? This Kazoo thing comes in the first place because it turns out to be the easiest musical instrument one can probably handle.

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The thumb piano, also known as a kalimba or mbira or many other namesis an instrument originating in Africa. It is a member of the idiophone family, meaning that it is an instrument whose sound is produced primarily by the instrument vibrating without the use of strings or membranes. It is believed that the thumb piano was invented twice in Africa; one version originating on the west coast using wooden or bamboo tines around years ago, and the other version originating on the southeast coast using metal tines around years ago.


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