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Palm reading is an ancient art that influences women on a very deep level. Some scholars have traced its origins back over 5, years and many palmists were considered to have fearsome occult powers. Throughout history, both men and women alike have been fascinated by how accurate these readings can say about their work, relationships, and health issues.

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It is natural for humans to have feeling of Love and affection. Here are some signs and clues which indicate love and romance see them on your hand. Mount of Venus lies at the base of Thumb.

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The drawings below show the main markings for a person who is seeking romance and love. It would be rare for ALL of these indicators to appear on a person's hand. However, several of these indicators in the hands would reveal a very responsive person who is ready to release their passion.

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Palm reading is an age-old practice, and it can be a lot of fun as well. Following are indicators of love and marriage in palmistry. Which Hand Should You Read? One of the first questions people ask concerning palm reading is: Which hand do you look at?

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So, you think you're queer? That's probably what your mother said when she opened your closet door and accidentally stumbled onto your feather boa. Well, at least according to this ABC News article claiming that "the index fingers of lesbians tend to be much shorter than their ring fingers," you might think they have.

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Many factors can show the sex life from palmistry. The shape of the hand is obviously the first clue. The length of the fingers helps explain their love style.

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Sex is one of the most powerful forces implanted in the human being, and owing to the very necessary conventions, restrictions and laws formulated for its control, it has become a complex subject. Other restrictions imposed by society couple bored have created wide variations of expression in human beings. So it becomes a paramount point before and after marriage and during married life to check the sex urge of the couple to lead a happy married life.

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Did you know you can analyse your relationship history and future simply by reading the lines on your palm? Firstly, flex your dominant hand a few times and then hold your palm facing you, with your fingers slightly bent. Zoom in on the area directly underneath your little finger, and examine it in a natural light if possible.

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The book explains how the ratio of the index finger and ring finger is related to various aspects life. In the chimpanzee and gorilla, this hand feature is different: they always have longer ring fingers and a short index finger. Exceptional performances in sports are being linked to the amount of male hormones that people absorb before birth while they stay in the womb.

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Thursday, March 14, If lifeline goes to Mount of Moon or Mount of Venus is vast then it indicates sensualness, venereal diseases or settlement in abroad. If veins are visible on Mount of Venus then it indicates venereal disease.


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