Strip plank composite sailboat

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This is probably the most important choice of all to make. At the time, the choice of self-build construction techniques was fairly limited. Today we have more to choose from including the use of foam and the vacuum infusion method.

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Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. I've been reading Dave Gerr's excellent The Elements of Boat Strengthand I'm curious what the general opinion around here is of his work and theories.

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The Hill 16 is a strip planked hull built over a male mold system setup on a ladder strongback. After planking, the hull is glassed in and out. Quiet Waters Boatworks has now started hull 1 and we will be posting pictures here as the project progresses.

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Traditionally, the hull shape has had to be "lofted" drawn down full size and faired so that the frame or mould shapes could be accurately taken off the lofting. The frames or moulds were then erected on a strongback with the keel member etc and then the solid planking added - the planks had to be carefully tapered towards the ends and then the seams were "caulked". This is the traditional "Carvel" method of boat construction.

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Why did we use the cedar strip boat building technique to build our cruising sailboat Alacazam? For three main reasons - the superior qualities of cedar as a boat building material, the speed of construction of the cedar strip boat building technique, and the strength and lightness of a wood-epoxy hull. Cedar is a light dimensionally stable wood, with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

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Strip planking is a form of carvel planking. The hull is built over forms using strips of wood, edge-glued, and edge fastened together. The strips are kept narrow so that there is very little shaping required.

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Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. I had a friendly discussion with a boat builder to day and he managed to scare me quite badly!

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So cedar has longevity issues? I was reading the T thread, and it said some where made of cedar strip It is wooden core with grp overtop? The foam relies on the glass a lot more, you get away with a lot less glass on the boat with cedar in most cases.

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Strip building of boats has been around for a long time. In the past large boats were carvel planked with heavy boards attached to solid ribs using sturdy fasteners or wood dowels. Caulking of tar and fibers was driven between the planks and when the boat was launched the boards swelled, came closely together and formed a mostly watertight hull.

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Strip-builtor "strip-plank epoxy ", is a method of boat building. The process involves securing narrow, flexible strips of wood edge-to-edge around temporary formers. The strips are glued edge-to-edge with epoxy.


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