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With the pressures of industrialism and the clustering of workers in urban centres, the Victorians were acutely aware that their environment was changing. Torn between nostalgia for a countryside that was in jeopardy and exhilaration at the rapidity with which their surroundings altered, the literature and culture produced by the Victorians reflects a world undergoing radical change. These untamed physical environments enabled new freedoms, but also posed challenges that invited attempts to control, taxonomize and harness the natural world.

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We are sad to announce that the year-old is the latest victim of a nude photo hack after topless pictures of her appeared on Celeb Jihad, a website known for leaking private and often sexual celebrity content. Late Wednesday night, the website posted four photos which appeared to show Markle half-naked. The website threatened to release the rest of the photos unless the United Kingdom and Kensington Palace met their demands, including the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II.

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John Richardson leaving his apartment on 5th avenue, New YorkNovember Chow, New York, August Lindsay Lohan by Terry Richardson.

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There is one significant manner in which they differ, however: their respective treatment of women. Twin Peakscontrariwise, has a serious woman problem. But an evil spirit called Bob inhabited Leland, making him ambiguously an incestuous pederast and not at once.

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Stacy Martin was introduced to the world as a sex junkie. It was the type of performance that many young actresses would shy away from, but it made the beguiling year-old an instant star, drawing the attention of the fashion label Miu Miu, who made her the face of its first-ever fragrance. It was a minor role, but it left Martin with a taste for bigger budget productions, something that will have to wait: she recently joined her second film with Corbet, Vox Luxopposite Natalie Portman, and has a batch of projects on the horizon that will cement her reputation as an indie darling. How pathetic he was really resonated with me.

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