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Today, we're going to talk about orgasms, and the indisputable fact that some orgasms are approximately a million times better than others. I mean, no consensual duh orgasms are terrible orgasms, it's true, but there is definitely such a thing as a disappointing orgasm — I know I've had them. For a chocolate bar that could have been quite a bit better, that's what.

Source: Giphy. According to Brown University :. Clitoral, vaginal, blended and multiple, to be exact.

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An eye is for seeing, a nose is for smelling. Many aspects of the human body have obvious purposes. But some defy easy explanation. For biologists, few phenomena are as mysterious as the female orgasm.

If this premise already interests you, knock yourself out. Directors Brent Kinetz and Terence Mickey are not exaggerating in this true story of middle-aged engineer Aaron Headley. What started out as a side project became a product that arguably revolutionized the sexual experience for millions or billions of people in the world.

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Help her reach orgasm stay last longer. Millions of satistfied people around the world have participated, saying Yes! Through links with the Noosphere Project at Princeton University, and more recently The Center for Subtle Activism, the Global O has been able to contribute in a unique way to the new sciences of the collective mind.

As advances in technology change what it means to be human, and our interactions become mediated by new devices, it opens a question up about the future of sex. Over the past five years, sex toys have come a long way. Back in there was a bit of a buzz sorry around this idea.

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Proper "just faked an orgasm" face on both their faces here Photo by Tina Franklin via Flickr. If you've ever been a teenage girl — or, in fact, a fully adult woman — you'll be well versed in faking orgasms. This is for a number of reasons: sometimes sex just doesn't last very long; sometimes there's not enough foreplay; and sometimes, if you're having heterosexual peen-in-veen intercourse, the guy just doesn't know how to use either his dick or his hands. Also, we're complex creatures, women: you can't just stick something in and expect it to happen.

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When Harry Met Sallyone of the most beloved romantic comedy of all-time, debuted 30 years ago on July 21,asking audiences the age-old question: can men and women ever just be friends? The iconic film, directed by Rob Reiner and written by the late Nora Ephronmarked Billy Crystal 's surprising transition from comedy circuit standout into a Hollywood leading man and marked the start of Meg Ryan 's reign as America's Sweetheart and one of the ultimate rom-com leading ladies. And, of course, who can forget Ryan's infamous Katz's Deli scene in which she shocked America by showing just how easy it is for women fake an orgasm.


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