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Pairing regular exercise with a healthy diet full of glute-growing foods is one of the most effective strategies to help maximize results. In particular, dietary protein is important for building and maintaining muscle mass — especially after exercise 1. Other nutrients, such as carbs, healthy fats, and antioxidants, also promote muscle growth by fueling your cells, reducing exercise-induced inflammation, and enhancing recovery 234.

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Sign up today to get access to tailor made resources that are designed to help you educate yourself and your community about the brain science of music learning! This study is important because it is trying to get to the bottom of the neural development of the auditory and motor networks. It is, however, building on the research from musically trained children and reading.

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Not sure if your company is a member? Check here to find out. When it comes to business, sometimes bigger is better.

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We quizzed Steve Mellor, head of personal training and nutrition at Freedom2Train about exactly how to improve our behinds. If you are prepared to work on it you can absolutely change it. Look for classes or exercises that involve squats, lunges, deadlifts, sprints and also the kicking motion i.

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Beauty and cosmetic trends are not all bad. Take the Brazilian butt lift, also known as BBL, for example. Continue reading and discover how you can naturally sculpt and lift your buttocks.

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Looking to sculpt and strengthen your glutes? With these 15 bodyweight exercises you can create your own butt workout at home. Great starting exercise — the Bridge will not only work your glutes but also your back and abs.

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Now that we have that out of the way, I can help you be a better bottom! Will you be as good as me? No, absolutely not.

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Last week I had my first private tutoring session with an adorable 3rd grade boy. The starting point for my young friend was subtraction with regrouping. I gave him the problem 53 — 16 to solve. It became obvious very quickly through questioning that he had NO idea what it meant to regroup and had very little understanding of place value in general.

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Sign up today to get access to tailor made resources that are designed to help you educate yourself and your community about the brain science of music learning! What is musical play? Is it bashing on an upturned drum in the playground or banging pots and pans on the kitchen floor?

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Mistakes and misses may have cost you last year, but this year is going to bring big changes to your sales strategies and customer alignment. Modifications made in these areas have the ability to create big changes when it comes to your bottom line. So many organizations drop the ball when it comes to training, especially ongoing training. They onboard and educate their new recruits on the product or solution but neglect to continue that instruction.


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