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Men are like a fine wine — they get better and more refined with age. After playing Wolverine for 17! The superhero actor also appears in musicals, dramas, and comedies — laughing and running must be his key to looking fresher than ever.

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August 23, The use of my reading glasses is causing a massive internal struggle between resistance to ageing and the reality that they really do make a difference. Equally middle aged spread is spreading rather too rapidly and the hair on my head is getting thinner, whiter and further back and even my beard is showing signs of salt and pepper colouring.

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Generally speaking, gays are obsessed with the corporeal. That doesn't mean we need to obsess over our waist size into our golden years or spend the duration of our lives at the gym. Good God, the mirror's a challenge. Gravity's relentless tugging and all those summer tans are conspiring with time.

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Victor Minichiello receives funding from the Australian Research Council on research related to sexualities in later life. This message is sold to us by magazines, newspapers, the cosmetics industry, fashion labels and dating agencies. Think of the recent movie based on the popular blog by Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Stylewhich celebrates the fashion styles of older women, or the oft-cited example of year-old British actress Helen Mirren.

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And, putting aside vanity for a moment, is it really important that a stranger, a rude one at that, acknowledges you? Move on and pump responsibly. Take a cue from those who learned early on that, in order to make true friends, you needed to be funny, smart, confident, informed, or, wait for it… just plain kind.

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It is worth noting that this piece was published inafter the release of Goats Head Soup. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards had just turned How times change. Last week, Madonna turned 60to general celebration.

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The men, well dressed and regal, seemed to cross their legs, one limb leisurely draped over the knee and thigh of the other, foot hanging, the point of the shoe angled, slightly inward, just so, like the neck of a curious pet. I was a peculiar black kid trying to find a sense of stature in what was often a less than friendly environment, and those images provided me with a sense of satisfaction. I, too, could partake, with aplomb, and bask in that aura of two-fingered bourbon gentility.

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