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Between Beijing's changing landscape and the mercurial nature of the authorities, options for the capital's LGBTQI community can at times seem rather elusive. The bar hosts drag parties every other Thursday from 8pm with performances usually beginning at around 10pm. Even if you don't attend decked out in your finest drag, get into the spirit with their LipSync battle, a favorite among regular patrons.

While reaching to the future with modern mass-transit, rose-line highways and futuristic buildings, Beijing also clings to its ancient dynastic past in a way no other Chinese city can. Bicycles are the main form of transportation. Bicycles are the main form of transportation and few buildings reach beyond two stories high.

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Beijing also has no shortage of LGBT-friendly bars and clubs. None of them are specific to a certain group, and although many nights and clubs are male-dominated, the scene is friendly and welcoming to everyone. Alfa is a popular club with a gay night on Fridays which that has been around for a long time, but is still a great night out.

Beijing is usually seen as playing second fiddle to Shanghai when it comes to gay friendliness and fun. Nevertheless, what is often perceived as the dourer sister can by no means be said to let the gay or lesbian visitor down. Gay sex is not illegal in China, and homosexuality is openly and officially recognized if not exactly endorsedespecially now that Aids has become the No.

Once a favourite for its campy, lurid interior, Adam's has undergone a major image shift, luring in the tourists along the old Sanlitun strip with Chinese folk music, traditional decor and a much more low-key, if still avowedly LGBT-friendly vibe. Where once pole dancers and weekend drag amateurs abounded, expect well-dressed, quiet huddles gathered around fruity beverages. Into its second decade, the only dedicated gay club in town continues to lead the pack and is even muscling in on the pre-club drinking action with its slick tie-in bar Des Link.

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Despite these signs of rapid progress, gay Beijing does lag behind other Asian cities. While this means that you may not have as much choice as in cities like Bangkok and Tokyoit does mean that the scene is young, fresh, and exciting. Aside from a slowly-growing collection of gay bars and clubs, gay Beijing is also particularly arty.

As a foreigner who spent around a year living in Beijing I could see that the idea of "gay" was very different to the one I knew in the West. The Chinese word for gay, tongzhiis a term of address from the Cultural Revolution meaning "comrade". It is today, as it was then, a term acknowledging a shared characteristic gayness while at the same time putting addresser and addressee on the same level, where being a tongzhi means little because when you are a comrade, so are all the other comrades.

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China opened its doors to tourists in and finally decriminalized homosexuality in The capital city, Beijing, has over a thousand years of culture and history. Be warned — China keeps a firm grip on its media outlets. A number of social media sites like Facebook are also blocked.

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Am going to be in Beijiing over Christmas and New Year with a mate also gay. Was just wondering which the best gay hang-outs are: clubs, bars, cinemas, cruising areas, etc. Be aware that at some bars, some locals may offter to take you to a more "local" bar or whatever, and once you're finished at the place, you'll find out you just bought some REALLY expensive drinks.

Please help us keep these listings current and correct. Special thanks to voyageurflyer04ratteLostmyheartioukarhbjWayneBstonesurferBrunomcamassqueeralwysredeelagoonDemandstepup16hbjRob, Jeff B. While not as radical as the space-age transformation of Shanghai, solemn Beijing refurbished its historical and cultural assets along with its infrastructure in advance of the Beijing Olympics and seems to have kept up the pace of improvement since then.


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