Vaginal piersing

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Genital piercing is a form of body piercing that involves piercing a part of the genitaliathus creating a suitable place for wearing different types of jewellery. Nevertheless, the term may also be used pars pro toto to indicate all body piercings in the area of anusperineumgenitals and mons pubisincluding piercings such as analguicheand pubic that do not involve perforation of genitalia. Genital piercings can be done in men or women, with various forms of piercings available.

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Was I seriously considering getting my clit pierced? The thought was terrifying — after all, who wants to think about a needle going anywhere close to there — but for some reason, I kept coming back to the delicate, sparkly decoration. After reading up on the many different ways women can bedazzle their vaginas, I finally settled on a vertical clitoral hood VCH piercing — a dainty and feminine option that was said to greatly enhance sexual pleasure.

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Piercing is a form of body ornamentation. It involves the use of needles to pierce through the skin and attach a piece of jewellery to the skin. However, this completely depends on individual preference.

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Whether you're a man or woman, if you've just gotten a new genital piercing or are considering getting one, it's important to brush up on proper genital piercing aftercare to ensure that your piercing heals well and lasts for as many years as you want to keep it. In this guide, we talk about what you should and shouldn't do during the genital piercing healing process, including how to properly clean your genital piercing, how to identify potential problems, and what to do if you experience an issue with your new genital piercing. Genital Piercing Options - There are quite a few different options when it comes to both male and female genital piercings.

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We follow the exact same universal precautions designed to prevent the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis and other blood borne pathogens. We install the absolute best jewelry available on the market, made out of implant grade metals, palladium based gold, or Pyrex appropriately sized for the person who is receiving the piercing. Since we do not use ear-piercing guns, you have a wide range of jewelry options to choose from!

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I am British — born and bred — and as a woman both moved by the cause to end the barbaric practice of FGM, and as a strident supporter of a woman's right to choose in all aspects of her life, I am particularly concerned by this new information. The biggest move toward ending FGM in the U. Activists and charity organizations alike rejoiced as it was made legal, mandatory practice for all NHS employees to report any instances of FGM they came across in their patients.

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However, this isn't entirely accurate and if you want to learn why not, please see this other blog post. It is piercings of the clitoral hood that are the most common. This is the skin above and surrounding the clitoris, which is not nearly as sensitive to get pierced, and to which far more women are anatomically suited.

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While you might be able to just breeze into a mall and get your ears pierced on a whim, genital piercing requires a bit more expertise and research. Thankfully, Elayne Angel, a piercer who specializes in nipple and genital piercing and the author of The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercingis here to explain everything you need to know about clitoral piercings. She recommends going to an expert who can consult you and guide your placement options to determine the best for you. Vertical Clitoral Hood VCH : Angel says this piercing is the most popular among the clit piercings because many women are anatomically suited for it.

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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. The genital area is by far the most polarizing place to get pierced.

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Vaginal Piercing. Piercing in females In females following organs are pierced 1. Nipple 2.