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cuckold chastity humiliation
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She screamed, gasped and bared down and after some effort, I managed to get the head in when Tina came the first time. All 3 girls leaned forward, staring at my crotch. Nina cut the scene off and told me to serve them. She has this fascinating combo of chubbiness and sexiness and I like perfectly thin, tight girls. I heard the door close, car doors slam and then engines gunning for their short rides home. She told the girls that I was very submissive and that she makes me wear a chastity cage to ensure an agreeable attitude, because it was orgasms that make men so grumpy and quarrelsome.

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Aurelia. Age: 21.
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Betty, Sara and Tina knew nothing about it, so Nina explained and sent them some Internet websites to learn about it.

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Elliana. Age: 22.
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Actually, Sara was nearly passed out, so it was only Tina and Betty who wanted to get fucked. Sara squeezed my face between her powerful thighs one last time before collapsing on the second couch, trying to catch her breath again and enjoying the afterglow of one hell of a sexual release. Tina pulled me closer to her by my cage, threw down a pillow on the floor and shimmied out of her panties.

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